Top 3 Speciality in Tay Ninh – Very Delicious !

Cake soup Trang Bang, Tay Ninh shrimp salt, … are the dishes that have attracted many tourists come here.


Cake of Trang Bang soup

Special soup cake with fragrant white pork chop, sweet porky, fresh green onions and smooth plastic cake are sure to satisfy the fastidious palate.


Snail of mountain Ba

Snail meat with moutain mountain She has a tough, crunchy, sweet taste. In particular, this type of snail lives on Ba Den mountain, eating herbs and herbs, so snails have a little aroma of precious medicine. Not only has the effect of mesmerizing people thanks to their taste, can the dishes from the snails also cure body aches.

Shrimp salt and dew dried rice paper

Referring to 4 words “Tay Ninh specialty”, it is impossible to forget the salt and shrimp. It’s not just salt, this specialty is a combination of shrimp, meat, garlic, red cabbage, chili, … all combined, processed together carefully. Therefore, if there is toad, mango and guava, it will be enough to bring out dots with shrimp salt.

From the dewy rice paper, the people here have created many kinds of cakes with side dishes such as mixed rice paper, baked rice paper, tamarind rice paper and roll rice paper.

A roll of rice paper goes with tamarind sauce, fried onion, peanut, fried shrimp paste, chili salt or mixed with dry beef, quail eggs, laksa leaves, and small peanuts are enough to make young people flutter.

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