TOP 3 Speciality in Da Lat – Vietnam

Referring to Da Lat, surely young people do not know. Dream City is always an ideal place for vacation. Although Dalat is famous as a tourist city, Dalat food is not as diverse as other cities. However, little but quality. The names of Dalat dumpling bread, Da Lat wet chicken cake, Dalat dumplings are enough to make Da Lat food stand in the hearts of tourists.



I don’t know where it came from, but the dumplings have become representative of Da Lat cuisine. This specialty dish is made by the people here to serve the four-way tourists. Only with a small cup of commercial noodles accompanied by a hot loaf of bread will enthrall the pleasure of the person. The taste of the dish cannot be mixed with any region. It must be said that in between the weather it will be cold to enjoy a cup of hot commercial bread and crispy hot bread in the mouth, nothing better for a warm breakfast.

There are 3 popular ways to enjoy this breakfast: tear off the bread into a bowl of commercial bowl, leave the whole piece of big bread dipping the broth or put the commercial into the middle of the bread. In addition to the shops outside the school gate, the market gate, visitors can go to Tran Nhat Duat – Hoang Dieu junction to feel the correct taste of the dish.



When it comes to Da Lat cuisine, you cannot ignore the wet cake of Da Lat chicken. If in many other localities, wet cakes are often served with patties, in Da Lat, wet cakes are nicely transformed with hearts and chicken. The combination of soft wet cake and sweet fragrant chicken and chewy pieces form a delightful and both delicious and attractive dish.

The Da Lat people make the cake well and be very careful right from the stage of choosing rice. The glutinous rice cake must be delicious and new to make the cake very fragrant. As for the heart and chicken used with wet cakes, it must be well prepared. Often people choose garden chickens that are not too big, firm and not chewy or too tough. Chicken heart must be carefully done so that it does not stink, when cleaned, it will be lightly marinated with a little spice and garlic to absorb, when it is used, it will be cooked until the chicken is fragrant. Chicken is usually steamed or boiled and cooked.

The cake is wet with chicken meat in Dalat, so it has a strange but delicious taste with a gentle and subtle taste because Da Lat people use very moderate spices. Visiting Da Lat, wanting to try this unique dish, you should visit Hoa Binh area, you will definitely find the restaurants that serve wet chicken cakes are great, but even the luxurious restaurants or restaurants of the The famous Dalat hotel when serving this dish is not sure to make you satisfied.


  1. “CAN” CAKE

According to the people of Da Lat, Da Lat cake is imported from the Central people. However, through the skillful hand of unique processing of Da Lat people, tourists gradually feel the flavor of the cake is very light and frankly delicious, hiding the very essence of cuisine. Da Lat is nowhere to be found.

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