Must to Try: Top 4 Foods in Hoi An – Vietnam 2019

But dishes in Hoi An like mussels fried with girdle cakes, pancakes, .. are dishes that make tourists compliment and praise.


“Cao Lau”

“Cao Lau” is a famous Hoi An dish that has been praised by many foreign newspapers. “Cao Lau” is made of soft noodles, pork meat, chicken, shrimp; Above, there are vegetables and herbs and crispy pork skin. To be more palatable, diners can eat green peppers to add flavor to the dish.

Fried mussels fried rice cake

The mussel after being prepared carefully is stirred in a large pan and seasoned with a little seasoning; then sprinkle on peanuts, onion, satay, sesame and shady vegetables. The mussels are presented on a small plate and served with a beating cake. The mussels are soft, chewy and sweet. Because it is near the Central, fried mussel dishes as well as other dishes are seasoned with lots of chili.

Quang noodle

Quang noodle is not only pride of Hoi An but also Quang. The broth of the noodles only comes to the back of the bowl, the golden noodles are mixed with soft sweet chicken, served with raw vegetables, creating the typical flavor of the region.

“Xeo” cake

Hoi An “Xeo” cake as well as Central cakes in general are small in size with a plate. The crust is thicker than the banh xeo in the South, inside the cake is the shrimp, price, meat. The cake is served with raw vegetables and bean paste. The salty and sweet taste of ingredients blends with the scent of raw vegetables to create a delicious taste that is hard to resist.

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