“Hoi Bo Dun” cake in Ben Tre – Vietnam

“Hoi Bo Dun” cake is a popular and familiar dish of many Ben Tre people. You will feel the sweetness of the beef and the scent in the cake and ask it to eat forever.

Not only feasting near coconut candy, Ben Tre is also famous for many rustic dishes, in which many tourists know the cake asking aromatic cows.


The dish is processed very simple but brings a strange flavor. Usually people choose beef pieces that have just sliced ​​freshly sliced ​​fresh meat and marinated with spices.


Boiled meat is cooked, sliced ​​and eaten, then marinated in sugar, steamed sausage and then rolled on the pan until golden, cut like fat. After that, people gave fat meat, sausages and a little roasted peanuts and then swirled them in a spiced beef steak, then put them on a roasted charcoal stove until fragrant. The piece of beef is ripe, soaked in fat meat.

This piece of beef will be eaten with the cake. The white bread was soft, tender, fragrant with rice flour spread with a layer of onion, then rolled the beef into it, accompanied by a piece of star fruit, banana, pineapple and herbs.


It would be flawed if not to mention the cup of fish sauce that is very well rounded, a little sour, sweet, fragrant aroma of garlic and hot spicy peppers blend in the salty taste of pure fish sauce. Some shops make the sauce with seasoning sauce, with a little chilli, lemongrass, garlic and aromatic also create a different flavor. Looking at the cup of rich sauce, as well as the accompanying plastic dumplings, you will be hard to resist.


People in Ben Tre also have a different way of enjoying it, that is, to boil it on a plate with a cake that has already had onion fat, and a sweet and sour fish sauce, and enjoy it. The sweetness of the beef and the aroma in the cake asked to eat forever without being bored.

Canned beef cakes are sold in many places in Ben Tre. Just go through the bakery and ask the boiled beef, you will smell the aroma from the grilled spring rolls, the beef is cooked on the charcoal stove, it is hard to resist.


Choose a piece of “Hoi Bo Dun” cake or a spring roll, pack it with a piece of questioned bread that is both soft and smooth and fatty, add a few herbs, acrid bananas and sour star fruit that are enough for a full roll of rice paper, you will feel the delicious taste special of this coconut dish. The price of a plate of “Hoi Bo Dun” cake ranged from 2-3$.

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