Must To Try: TOP 5 Drink in Hanoi – Vietnam

After Tet, there is nothing better than eating a cup or a bowl of cool jelly, mildly fragrant. Please refresh your drinks with a list of jelly dishes below!


“Gang” Jelly

“Gang” Jelly are a rustic dish, with a light green moss, smooth, slippery. The taste is slightly harsh when eating at the tip of the tongue. “Gang” Jelly are often used together with pure sweet and sweet sugar, making all the hot and uncomfortable feelings of summer days disappear.

The price of this jelly glove is very cheap, only about 5k – 10k a bowl, so you only have a small amount of money that you can delight to eat until it’s new.

Jelly cheese

Cheese is an extremely hot ingredient that has been hunted by young people in recent times. For this reason, delicious cheese jelly is born. Cheese jelly with outer layer is a part of colorful vegetables with many flavors and special ingredients with cheese cheese.   Cheese jelly can be eaten but people will often combine it with teas or eat with yogurt as a topping. In particular, there is also a place to sell milk tea with cheese jelly.

Coconut jelly

Of all the jelly dishes, this is probably the oldest jelly dish in Hanoi. Coconut jelly is made from coconut milk and fresh coconut water. Normally, coconut jelly will be left in the coconut, one is to make sure that you are full of stomach. Later, coconut jelly was also placed in clear cups, so that customers could clearly see the two layers of this jelly dish.

Now this dish has been greatly improved, coconut jelly is also added to tea, eaten with caramel or other topping types such as pearls, é nuts, coconut milk …


Coconut jelly milk

Sometimes there is no need for too many complex combinations. With a simple combination of cool manicured jelly milk, add some aromatic coconut milk, so it is delicious.


Coconut jelly milk does not add any special flavor to the jelly, the simple attraction of this dish is the gentle aroma of jelly, you can eat each piece of jelly with coconut or stir everything up and enjoy. Besides, in some places, you can add pearls to eat with this Coconut jelly milk fish dish.

Sticky leaves – Natural jelly with green color

If you are a fanatic who eats jelly dishes, then you will definitely not be able to skip this fascinating jelly. This delicacy of glutinous jelly-yogurt has only just emerged about 2 years ago in the dish. Since then, this jelly dish has always been everyone’s favorite choice.   Jelly is made from the juice of sticky leaves, when eating jelly there is a gentle aroma of sticky leaves, not to mention the natural green color that makes the jelly look more attractive and cool. Sticky leaf jelly is usually eaten with yogurt, pearls and even fruit.

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