5 Drinks only 1$ in Saigon – Vietnam

In hot and sunny weather like this, what do you eat in Saigon and taste good and cool? Below will be a series of suggestions for you!

Flan cake

Too cheap for a refreshing food, but also quickly help dispel the heat, the thirst between the weather in Saigon like this, the crime does not choose. Usually each flan is only 1$, and if served with shaved ice or topping, it will cost a little more.

Spiritual fog

Spiritual fog is very suitable for hot weather of Saigon because it is easy to eat and cool. With ingredients such as dew flute, spirit rest, frost ginseng, coconut jelly …, each glass of dew flute is usually priced around 1$-2$. Even some cheaper places have a price of 1$ / cup of dew flute like the Old Man’s dew shop at 61 Gia Phu (district 6).

We can find it easy to buy the dew of the sacred flute on the small cars at any road we pass, or in many tea shops that sell it.


Chubby water

Both cool and refreshing, water and cheeks are also good for health and skin. Therefore, this is also a drink that is very popular with Saigon people. In addition to the traditional chubby water, in Saigon, there are also pea vegetables and coconut cheeks so you are spoiled for choice.

Usually, each cup of traditional chubby is only priced from 7k, legumes and coconut cheeks are a little more new. You can easily buy this drink on the roadside cars or in many bars, tea shops …

Coconut switches

Referring to the hot season refreshment in Saigon, coconut jam must be one of the first items mentioned in the “delicious – tonic – cheap” list. Each cup of coconut milk for only about 1$ will include coconut water and switches, adding thin slices of coconut, jam and peanuts. The taste of coconut water mingles with the taste, adding the fat of peanuts and copra will help dispel the thirst and heat of “hot” in Saigon these days.

Coconuts in Saigon are sold very popular in the water, tea shops, roadside cars so we can buy very easily.


Fruit bowl 

Cool fruits are not only quick refreshments but also very good for health, especially in hot sunny days like this. You can choose the fruits you love, then add some topping like milk, yogurt, sauce … Depending on the type of fruit you choose or custom, the price of fruit can fluctuate. in about 1-2$


The vitamins in Saigon are not only cheap but also extremely diverse. But in the hot weather like this, there is nothing more appropriate than a smoothie and refreshment. Choose any fruit you like to mix with, the owner will immediately give you a cool and delicious smoothie with a little greasy milk and shaved ice. Each cup will cost from 1-2$ depending on the type of fruit and depending on the place of sale.

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