[Not to Eat] Wagashi Cake: So Sweet, So Beautiful !

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese bread. In addition to the sweet taste, this kind of cake is so beautiful that many people cannot eat.

Wagashi cake (Hoa Qua Tu) originated from the ancient sacred bread. By the time of Edo cake, it was developed into art and circulated to this day.

Cakes are often used to sip during Japanese tea ceremonies. With a completely manual way of making bamboo and rattan, Wagashi is also a symbol of Japanese art.

Wagashi often has red bean kernel symbolizing people. The cake is not as flexible as Mochi cake but very soft. When eating, people use chopsticks to stick to the middle of the cake to separate and enjoy with tea.

Wagashi often dyes depending on the seasons. On special occasions, artisans also make fun shapes for the cake to serve tourists.

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