5in1000 The best bakeries in Vietnam

If you are a believer in sweets, then this is definitely an article you can’t ignore.


Pastry is a very popular dish. A sweet cake and a glass of tea in a cozy atmosphere is a great relaxation after a stressful working day. Here is a list of the best pastry shops with beautiful and quiet spaces suitable for rest and meeting.

L’Usine Cafe

This is a coffee shop with a unique style of European style in a small residential area, there are many beautiful corners for you to take photos and especially there is a private clothing area. . Talking about cakes, this is a bakery rated as one of the best bakeries in Vietnam, especially cake banaba bread, cupcake, double chocolate cake, … In addition, there are salty food and more drinking water. Here you can see there will be many things for you to explore, not just enjoy the pastry. The staff here is also very enthusiastic and agile. With the above good quality, the price of all kinds of cakes here is also quite high, right according to “what kind of money”.


Le Castella

As a brand of pastry – delicious cake in Saigon originating from Taiwan, this is one of the most delicious “pastry making ovens” in the world. When Le Castella debuted in Vietnam, it quickly won the hearts of many young people. At present Le Castella has 5 branches in Saigon, with a cozy and quiet space with delicious hot tea and a cut cake divided among many people, this is definitely no place can miss to bring friends and relatives to snacks.


NP’s Bakery – Retro style bakery

This is a very famous pastry shop in Saigon, mentioning delicious pastries cannot be without NP’s Bakery. When you come to the restaurant, you will be impressed by the style of the restaurant which is very warm with deep colors under yellow light and has a pleasant scent. The cakes here are quite diverse with varieties such as cheese blueberry, tiramisu, dolphin flan, corn tortillas, etc. There are also a variety of drinks such as chrysanthemum tea, green tea latte, vitamins, cocktails and both alcohol. A feature that attracts visitors here is also free tarot tarot, you love to watch fortune-telling, you can come here to eat sweet cakes and watch the fortune-telling. The staff of the restaurant are quite friendly and enthusiastic with guests.

Pacey Cupcakes – Bakery for those who love cupcake

This is the paradise of those who love the lovely cupcakes, fat, delicious cakes. Pacey Cupcakes is a place to sell familiar pastries in Saigon. The restaurant is located in the center of Saigon with small space and is divided into two floors. But in return, the quality of delicious cakes, simple decorations, not too fat and have many flavors to choose from like chocolate. Green tea, durian, banana, strawberry, … To eat here, you should avoid the rush hours from 6 to 7 pm because the shop is quite crowded, you can run out of space so you have to wait time. The staff in the restaurant served well, very enthusiastic to the guests, so you will be satisfied.


The 1985

This is probably the name that is too familiar with sweet credit because the cake here is very delicious and the smell of fragrant cake with the cake here changes seasonally, there are many types to choose from. Each season brings a surprise to the launch of many unique and attractive cakes. The price of all kinds of cakes here is not very harsh. Besides, one more thing of The 1985 is one of the shops with beautiful space, always young people come to check in constantly.

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