4 Southern Specialties in Vietnam

Each land has its own characteristics and culture. When coming to the South, the unforgettable characteristic is cuisine.

Speaking of Southern specialties, perhaps the visitors who come here to visit are the most interested. This article will share some of the great cuisine in the south.


  1. Ben Tre coconut candy

The main material to make Ben Tre coconut candy is coconut and malt sugar. Other auxiliary materials include coconut milk, peanuts and durian. Although Ben Tre is not the only province in Vietnam where coconut is grown, this place is the birth and development of the most famous coconut candy processing art in Vietnam. This folk candy has now become a special and popular snack after every visit to the West.


  1. Soc Trang “Pía” cake

You can find this famous cake sold quite a lot along the main roads of western provinces to Saigon because this is the culinary culture here. Outside the cake is a thin layer of pale yellow, the inside is filled with salted egg yolk and durian and fragrant green beans. In some rural areas, there is a more compact version called dumplings, of course not delicious and not as expensive as Soc Trang peanut but it is a dish reminiscent of many people’s childhood. Most of the famous piage ovens are concentrated in Vung Thom, in Phu Tam commune, My Tu district, Soc Trang province – which is considered the beginning of the pie village of Pia.

  1. Baked rice paper – Vietnamese style pizza

The cake has aroma, the greasy taste of chicken eggs with onion, dried scallop in the baking paper, helps the night cold of the city to be lessened more or less. Now, young people love this dish can enjoy right in the heart of Saigon. Although the menu price is quite high for teenage pockets, ranging from 15,000 to 200,000 / piece, but when the “item” market here, everyone understands why it is so valuable.

With many accessories, the baked rice paper looks like a big brand pizza, except that the cake is replaced by a thin layer of rice paper. Full, thick, so much, you have to use the help of the scissors on the table to divide the cake into triangles that have just eaten – it is also a familiar way of enjoying pizza.


  1. Southern standard snakehead fish soup

The Southern flavor is somewhat dense and clear compared to the Northern style fish soup flavor. If the soup is sour and sour in the North, the sour soup of Southern fish has a very sweet and sour taste and is combined with the aroma of pineapple, coriander (coriander) and in soup with many other ingredients such as , along the mosquito net (mint) etc. The sour soup of Southern fish must be bold, full of sugar, lots of tamarind, high in salt, so it will taste good.

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